Funky chicken wings with Steve Foxx the Beatbox.

Among many things that were obtained at the CIA, I made a good friend who makes me laugh and who creates some great music.  The first six weeks of the Culinary one of the classes is Gastronomy.  In class the teacher asked the students what were their favorite dishes.  The students one by one answered with fancy dishes that were hopefully going to set their status among their peers.  When it was Steve’s turn he loudly and proudly exclaimed, “I love chicken wings!!!!”  Steve has talked to me about chicken wings on numerous occasions.  The other night we got the supplies and he cooked up the wings in his Fort Lee, New Jersey apartment.  This little video is just a bit of the dinner.  Yes, the wings were as delicious as they look.

Steve Foxx is a musician, producer, beatboxer and a chicken wings magician.

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No time for Birdsongs.

Today I came across a page I setup over a year ago for my private recordings of morning bird songs. This year I did do some recording but I did not publish them. It is nice to revisit the sounds of summer with the birds singing in the trees. When listening I can close my eyes and smell the cool moist mountain morning breeze gently coming through my window. Maybe you can too.

Listen to Balsam Sounds



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Catskills Sunset and Fall Color.