Bully in the Kitchen.  

I don’t like bullies.  Never did.  Recently I had two separate experiences where the other chef felt like they had to bully the kitchen staff into productive submission to some culinary idea that doesn’t follow the laws of nature.  Adults can communicate, grow and live without having to deal with a contrary personality.  


I have done posted

There is a few blog posts I done posted. 

I feel that reading past post in my draft box the posts were worthy.  I did not edit them.  As is. Just like Faulkner I love the sound of language and attempt to capture and own it. I too attempt words.   This is my only explanation.  Done been posted.  


Starting to write for other outlets and more on this blog.

I know that this blog sometimes is not updated as well as it should be. Sometimes I am busy with life with its social, familial and work obligations. However, I have made a commitment to myself to publish and produce more content for this blog. It is the same every year after the yearly address and site upgrade fees are coming due. Do I really need this site and what purpose does it really serve? It has been difficult for the last couple years with limited internet data due to it being mostly satellite and cellular service providers. Also personal matters needed to be taken care of so that I can get to a good place where I can produce more.

Being a virgo, details are very important. Often I am working on getting things to the place of having the right stuff, the perfect light and covering all the bases more than just creating content. This last year, I mostly posted using my iPhone. At times posting has been better than others, I attempt to post once a week. This is the reason many of the posts are mostly pictures and not many words.

I started writing for I have written 2 post and will be producing more. It is a small start writing for other outlets besides self published blogs and social media. It is a small step to start writing more.

You can also follow me here. I apologies for the adds and pop-ups even though I have nothing to do with them other than the by writing for this site I get a few cents every time someone reads my post.


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Homemade Tortillas are always better than boughten

Making tortillas are easy. My 7 y/o daughter makes them by herself. No she does not just open the package and heat them in the microwave, she makes them from real ingredients all by herself without further instruction. Not only do we use the tortillas for Mexican food but fresh tortillas are great for wraps like roast turkey or roast beef. Making your own you know and control what is in them; fresh wholesome ingredients.