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How to Dig Ramps. Harvest Not Just Think That They Are Super Cool.

Care must be used when Harvesting Ramps. One must dig ramps on ramp level, never use a full size shovel. Not only is it ridicules to see a person hiking in the woods with a giant shovel, we are not trying to destroy a ramp patch. We merely want to thin out the ramps so they have room to grow. I prefer a small digging tool that can fit into a backpack. Ramp Digging Tool and Backpack
Ramps like to grow in clumps or groups. Be selective about what you want to harvest. Do not try to take everything. Find a clump that has some large ramps and some small ramps. Groups of RampsYou will want to harvest the large ones. Place your tool near the ramps so that you can get under the roots and loosen them from the dirt without breaking the bulbs nor destroying the roots of the ramps that you wish to leave. loosening the ramps from the ground

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