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New York City marathon.

This year I was offered the opportunity to run the New York City marathon for A; a charity that helps children deal with trauma holistically. yrrsI raised $5200 or a $4000ds goal. I am very happy.

The day of the marathon I had to get to the starting line. This is not an easy ordeal. I caught the 6:40 train in Paterson, NJ and arrived at the starting corral at 10:30. Yes, It took me nearly 4 hours to get to the starting line.

My goal for the marathon was 6 hours walking. I almost reached my goal by doing it in 6:04 and running the last 4 miles. Yes I ran the last 4 miles. That was the only way I could finish.

Next marathon I wish to walk the whole way and average a minute less per mile for the whole route.

Next day I feel great other than a sore knee and a sore foot. This was an awesome experience. I feel blessed.

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