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New York City marathon.

This year I was offered the opportunity to run the New York City marathon for A; a charity that helps children deal with trauma holistically. yrrsI raised $5200 or a $4000ds goal. I am very happy.

The day of the marathon I had to get to the starting line. This is not an easy ordeal. I caught the 6:40 train in Paterson, NJ and arrived at the starting corral at 10:30. Yes, It took me nearly 4 hours to get to the starting line.

My goal for the marathon was 6 hours walking. I almost reached my goal by doing it in 6:04 and running the last 4 miles. Yes I ran the last 4 miles. That was the only way I could finish.

Next marathon I wish to walk the whole way and average a minute less per mile for the whole route.

Next day I feel great other than a sore knee and a sore foot. This was an awesome experience. I feel blessed.

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They Just Keep Growing.

Sometimes I think about my young daughters. The young ones of my memory. The young ones who would sleep in my arms and wanted to be carried from time to time. Little girls sweet and innocent and full of joy. My daughters are still sweet and such but not so little anymore. They are growing fast and I am excited about the young ladies they are growing into.

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Fresh Ground Corn Grits using the Hawos Queen 2 Grainmill

My Hawos Queen 2 Grain mill from Germany is amazing. A couple of weeks ago I ordered 20 pounds of organic whole corn. Today I ground the corn into grits. I love the expensive course cut grits found in boutique food shops in the south. The organic corn was roughly 2 dollars a pound.