Homemade Tortillas are always better than boughten

Making tortillas are easy. My 7 y/o daughter makes them by herself. No she does not just open the package and heat them in the microwave, she makes them from real ingredients all by herself without further instruction. Not only do we use the tortillas for Mexican food but fresh tortillas are great for wraps like roast turkey or roast beef. Making your own you know and control what is in them; fresh wholesome ingredients.


Family Food Fotography

My daughters and I explored a couple different styles of photography, portrait and macro. Here are some of the photos that we got from playing with the macro lens. We started with skittles, a favorite food-like stuff of children, and then moved onto sardines, a favorite food of fathers. We also stylized basic pictures of spices and herbs working with aperture, lighting, and background.

P1080064 P1080063 P1080062 Skittles Cinnamon Cinnamon Cinnamon Bay Leaves Sardines Nutmeg Allspice Allspice Cardamon Cardamon

Som Tam Thai: papaya salad

While visiting with my daughters in Indiana, we stayed at an airbnb. The wonderful host was Michael. Besides being a great guy with a very comfortable home, he is also an enthusiastic and experienced home gourmand. Michael volunteered to make dinner on Friday night and we helped. The end result was a bit spicy for the girls. Their pallets are a fresh and young, but they agreed that it was delicious. We also had a Mexican chocolate sorbet base with butternut squash.







Everyone needs a good Commis Chef


I have the wonderful opportunity of having my children participate and help me in the kitchen. My professional work space is located within my living space. My children are comfortable around a professional kitchen and help regularly. I cannot keep my youngest out of the kitchen. She is always grabbing her chef coat and hat and jumping in to help. It excites me thinking of the future of learning together and working.

The chef profession is one where the master is always a student.