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Fresh Ground Corn Grits using the Hawos Queen 2 Grainmill

My Hawos Queen 2 Grain mill from Germany is amazing. A couple of weeks ago I ordered 20 pounds of organic whole corn. Today I ground the corn into grits. I love the expensive course cut grits found in boutique food shops in the south. The organic corn was roughly 2 dollars a pound.

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Lam Zhou Closed.

A friend of mine told me that my favorite noodle shop in Chinatown has closed. Yes. My eyes had tears .

Paterson Eats

Fried Dominican Beef done up crisp and juicy.

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Wheatgrass in the City.

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Homemade Tortillas are always better than boughten

Making tortillas are easy. My 7 y/o daughter makes them by herself. No she does not just open the package and heat them in the microwave, she makes them from real ingredients all by herself without further instruction. Not only do we use the tortillas for Mexican food but fresh tortillas are great for wraps […]

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Winter Digs. Cooking it up in the Low Country

I arrived a week ago for my winter job, cooking on a quail hunting plantation in the Low Country. Many of my posts will be exploring this culturally rich area. I hope you enjoy watching my experience and adventure.

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Low Country Ocean

A little video thrown together.  Shot on my Lumix GX7.

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Low country cluster oysters.

What are low country cluster oysters and why do I love them?

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Fall flavors

With a cool breeze that blows the leaves from the trees, the warm flavors of fall come to the table. Lamb shanks braised with rosemary and pickled lemons, puréed yams and Brussels sprouts. Smoked cured duck breast, dried figs, garden grown cherry tomatoes, cornbread croutons, arugula, sherry vinegar and walnut oil.

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Perfect pancakes continued.

      Speciality items used in this video. Large Mason Vacuum Lid  Hand Vacuum Pump.