Fall flavors

With a cool breeze that blows the leaves from the trees, the warm flavors of fall come to the table. Lamb shanks braised with rosemary and pickled lemons, puréed yams and Brussels sprouts. Smoked cured duck breast, dried figs, garden grown cherry tomatoes, cornbread croutons, arugula, sherry vinegar and walnut oil.

Fresh Trout

Many times the trout are dressed fresh before service. The nervous system still active. I have had a trout jump off the tray and onto the floor after being cleaned and dressed. Fresh trout is delicious.

Housemade Bitters

House made bitters. Used both in cocktails and with various dishes to add flavor and depth. The vodka evaporates out leaving the flavor essences in the dish. In cocktails the bitters add depth of flavor. Burnt Orange, Lemongrass, Hot Thai peppers, Key Lime Cardamon.

Ramp Wrapped Trout with house cured Pancetta

This is a favorite dish in spring. Here the uncooked clean and dressed whole trout is wrapped it ramp tops and held together by house made pancetta. Pancetta works wonderfully wrapping items together. The trout was seasoned with ramp salt. The dish was served with a lemon aioli.