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Fresh Ground Corn Grits using the Hawos Queen 2 Grainmill

My Hawos Queen 2 Grain mill from Germany is amazing. A couple of weeks ago I ordered 20 pounds of organic whole corn. Today I ground the corn into grits. I love the expensive course cut grits found in boutique food shops in the south. The organic corn was roughly 2 dollars a pound.

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Winter Digs. Cooking it up in the Low Country

I arrived a week ago for my winter job, cooking on a quail hunting plantation in the Low Country. Many of my posts will be exploring this culturally rich area. I hope you enjoy watching my experience and adventure.

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Low country cluster oysters.

What are low country cluster oysters and why do I love them?

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A Southern Ladies’ Luncheon: Plantation Style

Today, the lunch was of a different sort. The lady of the plantation hosted a luncheon for her friends to welcome a new plantation neighbor to the area. It was a beautiful lunch, in a beautiful location with the most gracious hostess imaginable. Champagne with light splash of catskill currant syrup. Quail consomm√© with vegetable […]

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Quail Hunter’s Birthday

A long time member and friend of the family’s birthday was today. I was told to make it special. This is lunch, and these are gentlemen hunters. Rustic and refined autumnal lunch is in order. Bone in Pork Loin Roast with pickled peaches and glaze, maple braised butternut squash, sauerkraut, and apples. Dessert was hummingbird […]

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Southern Eats

Nose to tail may be trendy, but it is how many eat in the south. Nothing gets wasted and much of the food is local and fresh. What are your ideas on these speciality cuts? How would you use them? .