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Fresh Ground Corn Grits using the Hawos Queen 2 Grainmill

My Hawos Queen 2 Grain mill from Germany is amazing. A couple of weeks ago I ordered 20 pounds of organic whole corn. Today I ground the corn into grits. I love the expensive course cut grits found in boutique food shops in the south. The organic corn was roughly 2 dollars a pound.

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Working in the City.

Well it's been a while since I have posted here on In November 2016 I started my new job in the city. I have a wonderful kitchen with great equipment, a great company to work for and the best view of any professional kitchen in the city. At first it was a little unnerved with the view of the city.

I have been used to basements, closets and galleys.

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Enjoy and I look forward to the feedback.


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Wooden Bowls, Cutting Boards and Tools: how to Care for them.

Wooden bowls, cutting boards and tools should always be washed quickly by hand, never allowed to soak, and never placed in a dishwasher. Kitchen supply stores sell expensive mineral oil for your wood items. There is no need. Go to your local pharmacy and get mineral oil in the laxative section. It will save you money and save your wood. The reason food grade mineral oil is used is that it does not turn rancid. I oil my cutting boards after each washing and bowls when needed. Oiling keep the wood from absorbing liquids that can spoil and turn the wood funny colors. Oil also keeps the wood from cracking and splitting.