Homemade Tortillas are always better than boughten

Making tortillas are easy. My 7 y/o daughter makes them by herself. No she does not just open the package and heat them in the microwave, she makes them from real ingredients all by herself without further instruction. Not only do we use the tortillas for Mexican food but fresh tortillas are great for wraps like roast turkey or roast beef. Making your own you know and control what is in them; fresh wholesome ingredients.


Bacon N Eggs 

Spent a few weeks in the low country with my family.  Having fun with my daughters and young neices we made this song.  Everyone loves bacon and eggs.  


It is pretty funny and was fun to make. I have been told that is good to listen in the car with the bass turn up and seats tilted back.  Just cruise. 

Here is the instrumental without the vocals. 


Enjoy.   Gregor