Funky chicken wings with Steve Foxx the Beatbox.

Among many things that were obtained at the CIA, I made a good friend who makes me laugh and who creates some great music.  The first six weeks of the Culinary one of the classes is Gastronomy.  In class the teacher asked the students what were their favorite dishes.  The students one by one answered with fancy…

Fall flavors

With a cool breeze that blows the leaves from the trees, the warm flavors of fall come to the table. Lamb shanks braised with rosemary and pickled lemons, puréed yams and Brussels sprouts. Smoked cured duck breast, dried figs, garden grown cherry tomatoes, cornbread croutons, arugula, sherry vinegar and walnut oil.

No time for Birdsongs.

Today I came across a page I setup over a year ago for my private recordings of morning bird songs. This year I did do some recording but I did not publish them. It is nice to revisit the sounds of summer with the birds singing in the trees. When listening I can close my…

Kitchen Garden

What is growing in your kitchen? We have some lovely alfalfa sprouts. These will be beautiful when fully grown. Stay tuned.